Fill Your Closet

Closet sweater organizer, a warm winter coat, gloves, boots (rain and snow), raincoat, umbrella, exercise clothes, clothes hangers, semi-formal dress/shoes, swimsuit, shower sandals, walking shoes, bathrobe

Outfit Your Room

Bed linens (twin mattress), wastebasket, towels, stacking containers, small refrigerator (no larger than 4.5 cubic feet), rug, posters, plants, pillows, photo album and pictures, home and office storage bins, lap desk, desk lamp, alarm clock/radio, bathroom articles, bedspread, blankets, futon, lounge chair, door mirror, bed risers

Prep Your Lifestyle

Antibacterial hand soap, backpack, bike and lock, camera, cleaning supplies (dish soap, disinfectant wipes), adhesive wall hooks and strips, coffee maker or Keurig (with auto shut off feature), dishes (utensils, plates, bowls, cups), drying rack, erasable memo board and markers, ethernet cable, fan, flashlight, iron, movies and music, tape, power strip/surge protector, sewing kit, shower caddy, stamps and stationery, handheld vacuum, TV, laundry bag and detergent

Do Not Bring

Air conditioners, candles, George Foreman grills or similar heating or cooking items, halogen lamps, hot plates, incense, microwaves (available in student lounges), nails and screws, toasters, string lights, space heaters, bed lofts

Good Info to Know


  • 1st Source Bank is located in room 157 of the Student Center and provides a banking center and ATM
  • Banking center hours are 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Currently, they are open without an appointment for teller transactions
  • Additional banking options are available near campus


  • Trumper Computer Cluster is available 24 hours a day and is located in the lower level of the library
  • SMC provides wireless service
  • Printing is available at the library at no cost (limited amount)


  • Basic furniture (a bed, dresser, and desk, and chair) will be in your room when you arrive


  • Each residence hall has washers and dryers located in the building
  • There is no cost to use the laundry facilities, as it is included in the price of the room



  • There are several popular retail stores near campus (Target, Walmart, Meijer, Home Goods, etc.)
  • Lighten your load by only packing your car with the things you must bring from home
  • Buy bulkier items (e.g., refrigerator) here in town, or have some items shipped to campus
  • Take advantage of stores where you can shop online and pick up your items at the local store