A Solid Investment in Your Education

You are making a solid investment in your Saint Mary’s education. You’re investing in you—your talents, your potential, your dreams. We are committed to making your education affordable for you and/or your family.

You may qualify for financial aid. Scholarships, grants, and student employment, for example, could reduce the Cost to Attend Saint Mary’s College. 

Cost Before Financial Aid Considerations for 2024-2025
Tuition and Fees     $53,230
Housing and Food  $14,260 (this is the average cost and based on a multi-occupant room so cost may vary depending on your room)

This amount reflects costs for the 2024/25 academic year and represents the base rate for on-campus housing, and includes a meal plan that allows students to eat at dining facilities at Saint Mary's, Holy Cross, and Notre Dame. First year students may incur minor additional fees.

It's important to note, however, that no student will pay the full price at Saint Mary's! 100 percent of students receive financial assistance. All students are automatically considered for merit scholarships and will be notified about their scholarship in their acceptance letter. Students applying for 2024-2025 will earn anywhere in the range of $24,000-$36,000/year. This is a guaranteed total scholarship package of $96,000-$144,000 over four years. 

Now, let’s talk simply about Financing Your Education.