The cost to attend Saint Mary’s can vary dramatically based on the amount of aid a student receives. It may cost less to go here than to attend a public university. To get a better sense of what you might pay to attend Saint Mary’s College, visit our Net Price Calculator.

To determine your possible financial aid award, the Financial Aid Office estimates a budget for you (also known as the Cost of Attendance). This is based on several factors, for example, living on or off campus, full-time enrollment, and study abroad. This total cost of attendance is the maximum amount of aid from all sources you may receive for that year.

The Cost of Attendance budget includes:

  • Direct Costs: These are expenses,that you pay to Saint Mary's College, such as tuition, fees, the cost of your room, and your meal plan.
  • Indirect Costs: These are expenses that you will not pay to Saint Mary's, such as personal and travel expenses, books, supplies and, if you live off campus, an estimate of your room and meal expenses.