Apply to Saint Mary's

At Saint Mary's, you will have faculty to mentor you, and discussion-based classes where you'll be invited to share your perspectives with classmates. We want your application process to reflect that academic experience. You have an Admission Counselor who is always happy to answer your questions and give you advice. Your essay will provide you with an opportunity share your ideas and your personality.

We look forward to getting to know you through your application

Application Deadline: November 15
Admission Notification Date: December 15
Deposit Deadline: January 15

Priority Application Deadline: February 15
Admission Notification Date: Rolling After January 1 (2-4 weeks from the date your application becomes complete)
Deposit Deadline: May 1

Application FAQ's

Should I apply Early Decision or Regular Decision?
If Saint Mary’s is your first college choice, you may apply Early Decision. Early Decision is a binding agreement. If accepted, you are expected to enroll. Applying as a Regular Decision applicant is non-binding and does not disadvantage you in regards to admission or financial aid consideration.

What if I’m accepted through Early Decision, but I can’t afford Saint Mary’s?
Our financial aid team works hard to make Saint Mary’s affordable for every student who wants to come. The Early Decision agreement is binding ONLY if your financial aid award makes your attendance possible. If it does not, you may decline the offer of admission and you are released from your commitment. You may apply to other schools, but you may only apply through early decision to ONE school.

Do I need to take both the ACT and the SAT?
No. You may choose either one of these exams, and we do NOT require the optional ACT writing test.

Do you super-score?
Yes! If you take the SAT or ACT more than once, we take your best scores from each section, and combine them to create your composite score. If you take both ACT and SAT, we use only your stronger score.