Humanities at Saint Mary's

Central to living in our world

Over the years philosophers, historians, anthropologists, sociologists, and many other professionals have studied our societies, cultures, languages, and arts – all in hopes to better understand our people and the world we have created. Collectively, we know this research to be the field of humanities.

As a cornerstone to our liberal arts tradition, this broad area of study has helped over 20,000 Saint Mary’s alumnae become empathetic and understanding individuals as they go on to become leaders, teachers, artists, and professionals. Education in the humanities has given them broader perspectives from which to see the world and made them the critical thinkers and problem solvers they are today.

engaged in discussion
  • 51%of all Saint Mary's students study abroad
  • 100%conduct research or complete professional portfolios
  • 90%of graduates feel well prepared for current job

Student/Professor discussion at Saint Mary's College – Notre Dame, INA different type of research

Say the word “research” to someone and their likely to think of the scientific method used by biologists, chemists, and physicists. Humanities, on the other hand, uses an equally critical method of comparison, speculation, reflection, and discussion that go far beyond just problem solving. This type of engagement fosters appreciation and understanding. At Saint Mary’s we know research in the humanities is critical and helps our graduates in all areas of work to make better decisions by considering diverse opinions and ideas.