Department of Modern Languages

In the Department of Modern Languages, we believe that studying other languages, literatures, and cultures is an inseparable component of higher education. Beyond personal enrichment, the ability to speak another language and to understand another culture is a distinctive asset in careers such as education, nursing, social work, medicine, law, and business.


We offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish, and courses and minors in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. In addition to the wide range of courses and electives, we sponsor several study abroad programs.


The faculty in the Department of Modern Languages is comprised of accomplished experts and scholars who match their passion for language and culture with a dedication to teaching and mentoring. In addition to their respective language interests, their other areas of specialty include international education and exchange, Arabic culture, Chicano/a studies, Spanish women writers, nineteenth- and twentieth-century French prose fiction, and Italian cinema.


You’ll find our modern languages alumnae achieving great things all over the country, and as part of the Saint Mary’s sisterhood, they serve as valuable professional connections. Our graduates have pursued advanced degrees at University of Denver, Stanford University, and DePaul University. With a degree in a modern language, you’ll be well prepared for graduate school, as well as a diverse range of careers.