English Department Faculty


Ann Marie Alfonso

Ann Marie Alfonso
Assistant Professor of English

Education: B.A. Boston University, M.A., Ph.D. University of Miami

Courses Taught:  "Postcolonial Women's Writing," "Contemporary Global Literature,"
"Immigrant Women's Writing," "20th Century and Contemporary Anglophone African Literature"

Research Interests:  Postcolonial studies, immigrant narratives, literature and globalization, gender and women's studies 

email: aalfonso@saintmarys.edu

Office & Phone:

220 Spes Unica Hall


Ted Billy


Ted Billy 
 Professor of English (Emeritus)

Education: B.A. King's College; M.A., Ph.D. State University of New York at Binghamton

Courses taught: "American Literature" (ranging from colonial to contemporary),
Twentieth-century British Literature", Film Studies, and "Expository Writing".

Research interests: Joseph Conrad, American gothic fiction, and film adaptations of     novels 

email address: tbilly@saintmarys.edu

Thomas Bonnell

Thomas F. Bonnell
Professor of English

Education:  B.A., Saint Olaf College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago.

Courses taught: "18th-Century Writers," "Script and Stage: 1660-1790,""Novel Women", "Classical Rhetoric" ,"Women of Genius"

Books Published:  The Most Disreputable Trade:  Publishing the Classics of English Poetry, 1765-1810 (Oxford University Press, 2008); James Boswell's Life of Johnson: An Edition of the Original Manuscript in Four Volumes, Volume 3:  1776-1780 (Yale University Press and Edinburgh University Press, 2012).  Volume 4 is in preparation. 

email: tbonnell@saintmarys.edu

Office & Phone:

223 Spes Unica Hall


 Dionne Bremyer

Dionne Bremyer
Assistant Professor of English

Education:  B.S., Florida State University; M.A., Rhode Island College; Ph.D., Georgia State University.

Courses taught:  "Creative Writing", "Contemporary Ethnic America Short Story", "Special Topics in Advanced Writing", "Senior Writing Seminar"

Research interests:  Creative writing craft, narratology, cultural hybridity, and postcolonial writers

email: dbremyer@saintmarys.edu

Office:  225 Spes Unica Hall

Phone:  574-284-4423

Joseph Cardinale

Joseph Cardinale
Assistant Professor of English

Education:  B.A., State University of New York; M.F.A., University of Massachusetts; A.B.D., University of Hawaii, Manoa

Courses taught:  "Philosophy of Fiction", "Creative Writing", "From Fiction to Film", "Fiction Writing".

email:  jcardinale@saintmarys.edu

Office:  214 Spes Unica Hall

Office phone:  574-284-4478

Rosalind Clark

Rosalind E. Clark
Professor of English, (Emeritus)

Education:  B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Massachusetts.

Courses taught: "Medieval Literature", "Chaucer", "Irish Literature", "History of the English Language,"Celtic Mythology", "Arthurian Literature," "Jane Austen Dance."

email: rclark@saintmarys.edu

Christopher Cobb

Christopher Cobb, Chair
Associate Professor of English

Education:  B.A., Swarthmore College; M.A., M. Phil, Ph. D., Yale University

Courses taught: "Shakespeare", "16th-17th-Century Literature",

"Tolkien and Modern Fantasy"

email:  ccobb@saintmarys.edu

Office:  221 Spes Unica Hall

Phone:  574-284-4483

Laura Haigwood

Laura E. Haigwood
Professor of English.

Education:  B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of California.

Courses taught: "The Romantic Movement", "Victorian Literature", "Jane Austen", "The Brontes", "Women, Mystery, Detection".

email:  haigwood@saintmarys.edu

Office:  222 Spes Unica Hall

Phone:  574-284-4480

Sister Eva Hooker

Sister Eva Hooker
Professor of English

Education:  B.A., Saint Mary's College; M.A., University of Notre Dame; Ph. D., S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo.

Courses taught: "Modern Poetry," "Poetry Writing."

email: ehooker@saintmarys.edu

Office:  218 Spes Unica Hall

Office Phone: 574-284-4053

Home Phone: 574-284-4869

Aaron Moe

Aaron Moe
Professor of English

Education:  B.A., Trinity Western University; M.A., Union Institute; Ph.D., Washington State University

Courses taught:  "The Work of Literature", "Animals in Literature and Society", "American Literature 19th century"

Research interests:  Ecopoetics, Ecocriticism, Animal Studies, American Literature

email:  amoe@saintmarys.edu

Office:  219 Spes Unica Hall

Office Phone:  574-284-4477


Sarah Noonan

Sarah Noonan

Visiting Professor of English Literature

Education:  B.A., Northwestern University; M.A., Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis

Courses taught: "Imagining the End", "Medieval Literature", "Shakespeare"

email:  snoonan@saintmarys.edu

Office and Phone:

217 Spes Unica