Kristine Anderson Trustey Student Wellness Program

The Saint Mary’s College Wellness Program is designed for the student body and will help our students to develop a lifelong appreciation of one’s mind, body, and spiritual, emotional and financial well-being through fitness offerings and developing healthy habits.

The goals of this program:

  • Create a better understanding of health and wellness on campus
  • Increase the capacity for the students to develop lifelong wellness
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices more appealing and socially accepted
  • Provide activities and programs that foster healthy lifestyle and introduce students to existing campus resources.
  • Educate our students on health and wellness through collaborative programming with other departments and organizations


This is a very stressfull time in all our lives and can cause a lot of anxiety - especially with the cancellation of in-person classes for the semester, the cancellation of club sports, intramurals and of the varsity athletic programs. For more information on the coronavirus visit the CDC website. Look throughout the Wellness Program Website to find great resources for students during this time. Information about the changes on Saint Mary's College Campus click here. A Student Health and Wellness Document can be found here.

"The Most Successful People are those that are Good at Plan B" - James Yorke

Events and Offerings 


Truth Initiative is a program that gives notice to the fact about tobacco use and the industry behind it. We engage individual and groups to make change in their communities and campuses with innovative ways to end tobacco use and join forces with collaborators who are committed to a tobacco-free future. Check out this Smoking Cessation Assistance Pamphlet to learn about ways to Stop smoking!

Finals Kickback with SMC Tabacco Free Event:

Come and join the Truth Initiative along with the Student Nurses Association and the Kristine Anderson Trustey Student Wellness Program at the Le Mans Outdoor Fire Pits on Thursday November 12th from 5:00-7:00pm and grab some free hot chocolate with your own to-go mug or bring your own travel mug, free smoking cessation information, free prizes and a chance to win your own first aid kit or a foam roller! Students will receive grab-and-go pre-packaged snacks and a smoke-free face mask. Rain site will be by Murphy's Café in Angela Athletic & Wellness Complex.
Face masks must be worn and physical distancing will be followed

More detail to come.

  • The Wellness Program hosts a annual student health fair in the spring for our student body. This event partners with many on and off campus organizations and vendors to promote the health and wellness of Saint Mary’s College students. This may range from help getting a tutor for a class to essential oils and even learning about campus safety and MUCH MORE! This year the Student  Health Fair was held on February 14 2020 from 10am-2pm in Angela Athletic & Wellness Complex. There was a Blood Drive through the South Bend Medical Foundation that joined us. The Blood Drive was open to all and started at 9am-2pm on Friday, Febraury 14. Keep checing for the tentative date for next year's fair!
  • Each semester the program hosts, Belles for Fitness, an exercise-incentive program that incorporates students, faculty and staff members to safely compete with each other. Team members logs their activity, and the winning team  receives a prize for all their physical activity!

About the program

The Kristine Anderson Trustey Student Wellness Program was made possible by Kristine Anderson Trustey, a 1986 alumna of Saint Mary’s College, who has a passion for Wellness. She has made it a goal that the students of Saint Mary’s College have access to wellness programming related to managing stress, anxiety, depression, and fostering a healthy lifestyle. 

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