Students With Disabilities

Empowering women to lead and learn are what we do here at Saint Mary’s. We support our students, especially those who require disability services. A partnership between student and the College, the Disabilities Resource Office (DRO) helps students achieve their education goals.


  1. Contact the Disabilities Resource Office (DRO) at (574) 284-4262.
  2. Provide necessary documentation, which should be within the last three years of the first semester of enrollment at Saint Mary’s College.
  3. Meet with the Disabilities Specialist within the first few weeks of each new semester for an intake/accommodation review. The earlier the student discloses her disability status to the Specialist, the sooner the office can identify the appropriate accommodations to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

Contact Information

Iris A. Giamo M.A., M.Ed. Specialist
Director, Disabilities Resource Office
Madeleva Hall, Room 103C
Saint Mary’s College
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556 
(574) 284-4262 (phone)
(574) 284-4577 (fax)

Jennifer Wright, M.S.
Associate Director, Disabilities Resource Office
Madeleva Hall, Room 103B
Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
(574) 284-4976  (phone)
(574) 284-4577 (fax)


Saint Mary’s College is committed to supporting students with disabilities in compliance with the American Disabilities Act. Saint Mary’s College offers services on an individual basis to students with documented disabilities. The Disabilities Resource Office reviews documentation on a case by case basis, and will seek to maintain the equilibrium between the individual’s right to access and the institution’s right to maintain the integrity of its program.