period power
Artwork by Annie Maher '23

Period Project at Saint Mary's College

The Period Project at Saint Mary's College aims to provide free menstrual products to all students and campus community members.  According to a 2021 study published by BMC Women's Health, one in ten college students cannot afford panty liners, pads, tampons, and other menstrual hygiene supplies.  Additionally, Indiana is one of 26 U.S. states that taxes tampons and pads.

Our mission is to increase access to period products while decreasing the stigma surrounding menstruation through education and awareness programming. We currently provide free period products via Aunt Flow dispensers in every public building on Saint Mary's campus. For a complete list of stocked bathrooms, click here. Additionally, we have a substantial supply of products in the Mother Pauline Pantry on campus for students to access at any time throughout the school year. To request products from the pantry, click here.

To donate products to the pantry, please utilize our Amazon Wish List.

Period Project Dispenser Sponsors

Residence Hall Association
Student Activities Board
Student Diversity Board
Student Government Association

Period Project Programming Sponsors

Career Crossings 
Center for Women's Intercultural Leadership
Office of Student Equity
Office of Student Involvement & Advocacy

For more info, email Liz Baumann ( or Christin Kloski (