A Solid Investment in Your Education

Your education is an important investment in your future. As you look at costs, remember that what you ultimately pay can vary dramatically based on the financial aid you receive. Nearly 34 percent of our operating budget is devoted to making a Saint Mary’s education affordable, which can result in an even lower cost than what you will find at many public universities. To get a better sense of what you might pay to attend Saint Mary’s College, you can visit our Net Price Calculator.

Financial Aid Statistics

We offer you a top-tier education at an affordable price and a full range of financial aid: scholarships, grants, loans and campus employment.

  • In 2015, more than 97 percent of our students received some form of financial aid from Saint Mary’s, totaling more than $28 million in grants and scholarships.
  • Six levels of academic merit and achievement funds are awarded.
  • Grants based on demonstrated financial need are awarded in amounts proportional to each student’s need.
  • Work is available on campus to help finance your education while you gain valuable practical experience.

Cost Before Financial Aid Considerations


Tuition and Fees      $37,400

Room and Board*    $11,320

* Average cost for room and board, based on a double room