How to Help a Loved One

Why it's important:

“Rape isn't something survivors get over… But counseling and a solid support system will help them move on.Although they may never be able to forget that this happened, it doesn't have to define who they are or the choices that they make.’"

-Jennifer Marsh, VP of Victim Services for RAINN, "Healing Process After Rape Never Ends" by Jacque Wilson, CNN correspondent

Sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking are all traumatic experiences that no one should have to face alone. Studies have shown that “[s]ocial support plays a critical role in healing from sexual violence...(and) can help to buffer some of the stress that sexual trauma can cause."1 

The main goal of supporting your loved one is to empower them. Your friend/loved one has just been violently robbed of their power and control, and giving them power and control of the situation going forth is critical to the healing process.

To learn more about the healing process and your role in it, please see these websites:

1. National Sexuala Violence Resource Center:

2. Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN): 

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