Belles Against Violence Profiles

Angela Berra 12

Angela Berra '12

Major: Psychology

Minor: Women's Studies

Favorite place on campus: Avenue

I am a member of the BAVO Student Advisory Committee because […] I believe it is important to raise awareness on the issue of violence because it is considered a taboo topic. Victims of violent acts do not usually feel comfortable to discuss an instance of violence. However, by being on the BAVO committee I hope this stigma will change and comfort to seek help will increase.

Cassie Palmer 12

Cassie Palmer '12

Major: Biology

Minor: Sociology

Favorite Book: Anything  by Jodi Picoult

Why I am involved:  I have witnessed the devastating effects of violence, and believe it is my responsibility to stand up and break the silence.  It is my job to say that violence is unacceptable, and help put an end to it.

Denise Lopez 11

Denise Lopez '11

Major: Political Science & Sociology

Minor: Intercultural Studies

Hobbies: Dance, soccer, running, cooking

I am a part of the Student Advisory Committee because I want to be part of a group of individuals who are dedicated to creating change in the community. I am committed to ending [violence and abuse] because I have seen enough injustices in my community. I know it’s a vicious cycle that affects everyone directly or indirectly. And I believe by staying committed we can break away from the cycle.