Belles Against Violence Profiles

Angie Hollar 11

Angie Hollar '11

Major: Social Work

Minor: Religious Studies

Fun Fact: I was born on my Mom’s birthday

I am part of the Student Advisory Committee because I want to take a proactive leadership role in helping to inform others about violence against women.  I hope to play a role in educating my fellow students about issues that touch all of our lives.  Through creating programs, raising awareness, fostering a safe environment and educating the campus, B.A.V.O is committed to taking a stand against violence.  My goal is to empower more of my friends and classmates to join with us and become Belles Against Violence.

Catherine Cleary 12

Catherine Cleary '12

Major: Women’s Studies

Minor: Spanish

Hobbies: RAing, talking feminism, drinking Diet Coke, advocating

I am a part of the student advisory committee because I am committed to raising awareness about issues of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and stalking around campus, being a resource for my peers and eliminating sexual violence. This is a commitment that I have made because I know that, as with all world changing endeavors, the elimination of these issues starts with a small group of passionate people.

Sarah Foley 11

Sarah Foley '11

Major: Psychology

Minor: Languages (sort of)

Hidden Talent: Good at identifying foreign accents

I am a part of BAVO because I am committed to making a difference on our campus. I believe that everyone deserves to feel safe, especially in their home and in their campus community. Violent and abusive behavior is simply unacceptable. I want all SMC chicks to feel proud, self-confident, and safe.