Belles Against Violence Profiles

Laura Glaub 12

Laura Glaub '12

Major: Communications

Minor: Women’s Studies & Public Relations

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?: Budapest

I am dedicated to this issue because after being SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) president, I became very involved with the topic of Sexual Assault Awareness.  I want to let my peers know that they are not alone and they have sources to help them.

Mia Van Nostrand 11

Mia Van Nostrand '11

Major: Sociology

Minor: Social Work

Favorite Dessert: Oreo blizzard

I am a part of the Student Advisory Committee because I want to educate the women on campus on how to be safe, how to help others be safe, and inform students of the resources that are available to them if faced with violence. […N]o matter how far away from home we are, there is a huge support system on the Saint Mary's campus and South Bend community.

Catherine Batz 12

Catherine Batz '12

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Role Model: My sister

I am a part of the Student Advisory Committee because I would like be a voice against violence for all those who don't have the courage to speak for themselves. Particularly at an all women's college, I think we deserve a network of support and defense against these issues. I'm committed because although the statistics are frightening, it is possible to change the abusive culture that we live in by taking steps to increase awareness and sensitivity.