Student Advisory Committee Profiles

The 2014-2015 Student Advisory Committee Members

Paige DeRouin

Class of 2015

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Why SAC? "I think the education process is important... I wanted to be a part of BAVO so the ignorance could stop with me."

Favorite Place on Campus: the lawn in front of Le Mans

Linsey McMullen  

Class of 2015

Major: Biology

Hometown: Singapore

Why SAC? "I wanted the opportunity to make a difference on my campus pertaining to issues that I feel especially passionate about."

Favorite Movie: Brave

Payton Moore  

Class of 2015

Major: English Literature and History

Hometown: Hammond, IN

Why SAC? "These issues are very important to me...our community needs to be aware."

Favorite Candy: KitKat

Jena Sweigart  

Class of 2015

Major: Music and Humanistic Studies

Hometown: Celina, OH

Why SAC? "Being at a women's college has broaded my understanding of many issues that women face...I am committed to spreading awareness and educating others about these issues."

Role Model: Erin Brockovich

Ashley Watkins

Class of 2016

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Terre Haute, IN

Why SAC? "I think that these are issues for which we need to advocate. I also want to be a support system for those that have been affected."

Favorite Juice: Cran Apple and Kiwi Strawberry