Belles Against Violence Profiles

Maria Kenney 11

Maria Kenney '11

Major: Social Work

Favorite Movie: Robin Hood Men in Tights

I believe that one of the most dangerous, but most common, thought patterns on the Saint Mary's campus is students knowing the statistics, knowing the dangers of domestic violence and sexual assault, but thinking it could never happen to them, it could never happen to someone they know, none of their friends would ever be capable of something like that. I am part of the BAVO SAC because I want to work on spreading awareness and education around campus [...] 

Mariela Aguilera 12

Mariela Aguilera '12

Major: Psychology & Sociology

Minor: Justice Education

Article of clothing I can’t live without: White flats

I am committed to all types of social justice issues, and violence against anyone is one of them. I believe that no one deserves to go through any type of relationship violence (whether psychological, physical, or emotional), sexual assault, or stalking.

Claire Yancy 11

Claire Yancy '11

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Women’s Studies

Hobbies: Horseback riding

I joined BAVO SAC in order to better understand how to address [the issues of violence]. It is obvious that they exist, and it is easy to turn the other way and continue walking without investigating what the problem is. This committee discusses the ways in which we, as women, are able to help another person who has fallen victim to [violence and abuse], while acknowledging the frequent occurrence and the impact of these violent acts.