Occasionally, the Office of Financial Aid might require that you complete specific forms. Please complete only the forms that have been requested by the Office of Financial Aid. 

If you have not completed any of these forms before, you will need to create a login. Directions can be found here. The student and parent need separate login and passwords.

If you have any questions regarding these forms or the financial aid process, please contact the Financial Aid Office:

Phone: (574)284-4557 or 866-502-7788
Fax: (574) 284-4818
Email: finaid@saintmarys.edu



Some students are selected, either by the federal government or by Saint Mary’s, to verify the information they submitted on the FAFSA. Please proceed to the verification page to find the appropriate form(s) to complete for the verification process.

Appeals For Additional Aid

In some circumstances, your financial aid award can be reviewed based on new information regarding finances our team did not know at the time the award was created. Examples include extenuating medical expenses, unexpected loss of income, or private tuition paid for younger siblings. If you think you might qualify for an appeal, your parents should complete a Special Circumstances appeal form.