All required documents can be sent to us in these ways:
  • uploaded with the verification statements, or 
  • as an email attachment to, or
  • faxed to 574-284-4818, or
  • by using the Upload Document feature at the bottom of this page.


If you have been selected for verification, at a minimum you should submit the following:

  • The appropriate Verification Statement
    • Parent and student statements, if you are a dependent student
    • Independent student statement, if you are an independent student, by federal definition
  • W2 and/or Schedule C forms
    • Parent and student, if you are a dependent student
    • Student and spouse, if you are an independent student
  • Tax Information
    • If you are a dependent student, student and parent(s) IRS Data Retrieval through the FAFSA, or request a Tax
      Return Transcript from the IRS here
    • If you are an independent student, student and spouse IRS Data Retrieval through the FAFSA, or request a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS here.
    • If you will be requesting a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS, instead of using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool through the FAFSA, we recommend you request your Tax Return Transcript before the summer of 2022. Beginning in the summer of 2022, indiviudals will need to create an account in order to request a Tax Return Transcript online. 

If you have not completed Saint Mary’s financial aid forms before (excluding the FAFSA), you will need to create a login to complete the forms linked below. Directions can be found here. PLEASE NOTE: The student and parent will need to have SEPARATE usernames and passwords.

Verification Statements

While the Verification Statements can be completed with mobile devices, we recommend you complete them on a personal computer. Chose from the following the form that pertains to you.

Tax Information

As you complete the verification form, you will notice the tax information is required from both, the parent(s) and the student. Independent students must only submit their own information, and their spouse's information, if applicable.

If you did not complete the IRS data retrieval through the FAFSA and therefore you are attaching tax information to the verification statement, you will need to provide a tax RETURN transcript. The tax RETURN transcript can be printed or ordered from  

Additional Forms Sometimes Required

Occasionally the Office of Financial Aid will require additional information. You need to complete the following forms only if the Office of Financial Aid has requested them.  

Statement of Family Expenses

Statement of Family Size and Number in College

Home School Certification

Yellow Ribbon Program

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

Proof of Citizenship

Upload Documents - Use this link to securely upload any documents