List of Liaison Librarians

The purpose of the library liaison program is to establish an intentional and ongoing partnership with teaching faculty. A liaison librarian serves as a department's primary contact person in the library for collection development, library instruction, and information about library services.

Department or Program Liaison Librarian
Anthropology Jill Hobgood (Spring 2021: Suzanne Hinnefeld) 
Art Jill Hobgood (Spring 2021: Catherine Pellegrino) 
Autism Studies Suzanne Hinnefeld
Biology Sue Wiegand
Business & Economics Joe Thomas
Chemistry Sue Wiegand
Communication Studies Catherine Pellegrino
Dance Catherine Pellegrino
Data Science Kitty Marschall
DNP Suzanne Hinnefeld
Education Suzanne Hinnefeld
English Catherine Pellegrino
Environmental Studies Sue Wiegand
Film Studies Jill Hobgood (Spring 2021: Sue Wiegand)
French Kitty Marschall
Gender & Women's Studies Jill Hobgood (Spring 2021: Kitty Marschall)
Gerontology Sue Wiegand
Global Studies Suzanne Hinnefeld
History Jill Hobgood (Spring 2021: Joe Thomas)
Humanistic Studies Catherine Pellegrino
Intercultural Studies Suzanne Hinnefeld
Italian Kitty Marschall
Justice Studies Sue Wiegand
Mathematics & Computer Science Kitty Marschall
Modern Languages & Cultures Kitty Marschall
Music Catherine Pellegrino
Nursing Science Suzanne Hinnefeld
Philosophy Catherine Pellegrino, Joe Thomas
Physics Sue Wiegand
Political Science Joe Thomas
Psychological Sciences Jill Hobgood (Spring 2021: Catherine Pellegrino)
Religious Studies Catherine Pellegrino, Joe Thomas
Social Work Sue Wiegand
Sociology & Criminology Joe Thomas
Spanish Kitty Marschall
Speech Language Pathology Suzanne Hinnefeld
Theatre Catherine Pellegrino

What your liaison librarian can do for you:

  • Serve as initial contact for library-related matters
  • Assist with library purchase requests
  • Provide general, course-specific, or assignment-specific instruction for students taking courses in your department
  • Provide specialized reference services to faculty and majors
  • Provide an individual orientation for new faculty members
  • Share information about library services and resources
  • Offer demonstrations or workshops of new resources and services of interest to your department
  • Provide consultation services for students writing research papers or comprehensive projects.
  • Communicate with the library about new areas of research, courses, and programs in your departments.


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