General Policies

These policies are intended to keep the library an inviting and comfortable place for individual and collaborative study and research, to preserve and protect the value of the library's collections, equipment, and furnishings, and to promote responsible and courteous behavior towards fellow patrons.

IN EMERGENCIES: CALL SECURITY at 574-284-5000 (x5000 from a campus phone) or dial 911.

In case of a fire or other emergency situation the alarm bell will sound continuously. Please evacuate the building immediately through the nearest exit. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR.

In case of a tornado, please take the stairs to the Trumper Computer Center on the Lower Level until the "all clear" is given. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR.

Food and Drink:


  • Beverages in sturdy, spill-proof containers that can be re-closed such as water bottles with lids, travel mugs and sports bottles
  • Catered college-sponsored events in designated class and meeting rooms
  • Snacks (please dispose of containers properly)

Not permitted:

  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind;
  • Meals and delivery of food from outside vendors;
  • Smoking.

Reshelving Materials: Books to be reshelved should be placed on the book carts available on each floor.

Posting Notices: Event posters and announcements may be posted on the bulletin boards at the bottom of the stairs to the Trumper Computer Center, across from the vending machines on the Lower Level, and on the bulletin board near the water fountain at the front of the first floor. Library staff will remove posters after the removal date from the Office of Student Involvement.  See the full Library Posting Policy for more details.

Proctoring Exams:  Librarians will proctor exams for students under the following conditions:

  • The exam is for a course at Saint Mary's College.
  • Librarians can only proctor exams during the summer term, for online courses only, during the library's summer hours.
  • Students should contact the library no later than three business days before the proctoring is needed.  Students can use any method of contacting a librarian on the Research Help page.  A librarian will reply and arrange a date and time for the proctoring.
  • Librarians can provide intermittent monitoring of students. If the faculty member requires continuous monitoring, other arrangements will be required.
  • Students with testing accommodations for a documented disability can work with the Accessibility Resource Office for proctoring.
  • For proctoring needs that do not fall within this policy, Ivy Tech's Testing Services are open to the general public.

Additional Policies: