The Department of Humanistic Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Humanistic Studies — HUST (24 hours)

All of the following taken in sophomore or junior year:

  • HUST 321 Cultural History I: Ancient and Medieval Culture 3 hours 
  • HUST 322 Cultural History II: Medieval and Renaissance Culture 3 hours 
  • HUST 323 Colloquium I: Ancient and Medieval Literature 3 hours 
  • HUST 324 Colloquium II: Medieval and Renaissance Literature 3 hours

All of the following taken in junior or senior year:

  • HUST 461 Cultural History III: Early-Modern Culture 3 hours 
  • HUST 462 Cultural History IV: Modern Culture 3 hours 
  • HUST 463 Colloquium III: Early-Modern Literature 3 hours 
  • HUST 464 Colloquium IV: Modern Literature 3 hours

Choosing a double major or minor

Many students combine a major in humanistic studies with a major or minor in another discipline such as economics, English, political science, history, philosophy, psychology or religious studies. With careful planning, students have double-majored in the fine arts, science, or business.