Majors may earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with a major in Humanistic Studies. Students may begin the major in her sophomore or junior.


Bachelor of Arts, Major in Humanistic Studies—HUST (24 hours)

All of the following taken in sophomore or junior year:

  • HUST 321 Cultural History I: Ancient and Medieval Culture 3 hours 
  • HUST 322 Cultural History II: Medieval and Renaissance Culture 3 hours 
  • HUST 323 Colloquium I: Ancient and Medieval Literature 3 hours 
  • HUST 324 Colloquium II: Medieval and Renaissance Literature 3 hours

All of the following taken in junior or senior year:

  • HUST 461 Cultural History III: Early-Modern Culture 3 hours 
  • HUST 462 Cultural History IV: Modern Culture 3 hours 
  • HUST 463 Colloquium III: Early-Modern Literature 3 hours 
  • HUST 464 Colloquium IV: Modern Literature 3 hours

Double Majors/Minors
Many students combine a major in Humanistic Studies with a major or minor in another discipline such as economics, English, political science, history, philosophy, psychology or religious studies. With careful planning, students have double-majored in the fine arts, science, or business.