Humanistic Studies Minor

Enhance your understanding of Western culture with a minor in Humanistic Studies. The program presents the liberal arts as a unified, interrelated body of knowledge, and you will study the history, literature, philosophy, theology, and art of Western culture. Through small classes that stress reading and discussion, you will develop valuable skills in critical and creative thinking, reading, writing, and speaking. Graduates of the Humanistic Studies program have used their education as preparation for a broad range of careers, from law to education, business to health care.

Minor in Humanistic Studies (15 hours)

Five of the following:

  • HUST 242 Art and Culture
  • HUST 321 Cultural History I: Medieval Culture
  • HUST 322 Cultural History II: Renaissance and Reformation
  • HUST 323 Colloquium I
  • HUST 324 Colloquium II
  • HUST 461 Cultural History III: Absolutism, Enlightenment, and Revolution
  • HUST 462 Cultural History IV: The Modern World
  • HUST 463 Colloquium III
  • HUST 464 Colloquium IV

Courses taken outside the major may be selected to provide the student with a second area of concentration. Many students combine a major in Humanistic Studies with a major or minor in another discipline such as economics, English, political science, history, philosophy, psychology or religious studies. With