Current COVID-19 Information for Saint Mary's College

Beginning with courses offered in summer 2023, the COVID-19 vaccines/boosters are no longer a requirement for enrollment at Saint Mary’s College. Because we are a congregate-living residential community, we are strongly recommending members of the Saint Mary’s College community remain up-to-date with the COVID-19 vaccine and booster, including the most recent booster.


Individuals who prefer to continue to wear a mask are welcome to do so. Public spaces, classrooms, offices, and office suites will no longer require masking, with a few exceptions: 

  • Recent Close Contact or Isolation. You are required to mask after testing positive for COVID-19 or being identified as a close contact to someone who tested positive for COVID-19
  • Private Offices and Classrooms. When requested, all members of our community will mask in offices, classrooms and spaces. Employees of the College are encouraged to complete reports on students who are not following masking requirements in offices or individual classrooms. Violations could result in Student Conduct referral
  • As Requested. Be prepared to mask when asked

In addition to following Saint Mary’s masking requirements, athletes will follow NCAA and/or MIAA masking guidelines.

Isolation Space for Students

Students who test positive for COVID-19 and reside on campus but whose primary home is within 300 miles of campus are encouraged to make arrangements to move home within 24 hours to complete their isolation period. Students who remain on campus will complete their isolation period in place in their residence halls. Students completing isolation in residence must remain in their rooms with the door shut, make arrangements to have meals brought to them from the dining hall, and are only permitted to leave their room to use the restroom/shower. Students in isolation are required to wear a mask anytime roommates are in their room, when they leave their room to use the bathroom, (except while actively showering), and avoid interactions with other students on their floor or in their room. Visitors are prohibited in rooms where students are completing isolation periods. The College does not provide separate quarantine/isolation space. See FAQs below for further information on isolation at Saint Mary's.

Isolation Guidelines

Regardless of vaccination status, a student with a positive COVID test, will need to remain in isolation for a minimum of 5 days following the onset of symptoms, or a positive COVID test if asymptomatic. The Health and Counseling Center team will inform Academic Advising that you will be away from class without releasing the reason, and Academic Advising will in turn notify your professors. As with all excused absences, it is your responsibility to contact your faculty and work with them to plan how you can stay on track in your courses during your absences. Each faculty member will have a policy in the course syllabus that will guide how they approach working with you during your absence.

  • If a student with a positive test has symptoms that do not resolve after 5 full days in isolation, then isolation continues until symptoms improve and the student or employee is free of fever, without fever reducing medications, for 24 hours.
  • Students who tested positive for COVID-19 but were asymptomatic develop symptoms while in isolation, their isolation period starts over. Day 0 will be the day symptoms start, and they will need to isolate for 5 full days.
  • Whether isolating at home or on campus, students will be released from isolation by the Health and Counseling team after assessment.

Students whose primary residence is further than 300 miles from the College, and who are in isolation on campus, and whose release date extends past the end of the semester, might be allowed to remain on campus to complete their isolation until their release date in some instances. They might be required, however, to move to a different room to complete the isolation period and could incur additional housing charges. As Campus Dining is closed during breaks, and all meal plans have ended for the semester, students on campus past the date of move-out will be responsible for ordering and paying for all meals from local dining establishments. They should coordinate delivery with the Campus Safety team. A daily check in will also occur via phone.