What we do

Writing Tutoring

  • Individual projects: We work with all Saint Mary’s College student writers on materials developed either in or out of class, from short, informal assignments to longer, more developed ones, from job materials to graduate theses. 
  • Group projects: We can also work with writers on group projects, provided all group members are present virtually or in person. This is because we support collaborative writing as an equitable and open process between contributors. 
  • All stages: We support writers at all stages of their writing process, from brainstorming to drafting to revision. 
  • All disciplines: We work with writing from all disciplines, from the humanities to STEM to nursing to education to speech language pathology and data science. 
  • Languages: Tutoring on assignments that are required to be written in a language other than English is conducted through subject-area tutoring in the Modern Languages Department, rather than through the Writing Center. If you blend a language other than English with English for an assignment outside of Modern Languages, we are happy to work with you at the Writing Center. 

Subject-Area Tutoring

  • Beginning in Spring 2021, we also offer evening tutoring in specific disciplines: Nursing, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math, and Sociology.
  • These tutorials take place Monday-Thursday and Sunday evenings and last for a half-hour each.
  • You are also able to register as a group - simply note that you will be doing so. Groups are limited to 3 students at a time. 
  • Note that the tutor will work with you so that you better understand a particular skill or assignment. They will not be doing the work for you.

Types of Tutorials

Tutorials are conducted either in person, on a scheduled or walk-in basis, or online (for writing tutoring only) either via videoconferencing (Online Appointments) or through a sharing of documents and feedback (E-tutoring appointments). If you aren't sure what kind of appointment would be best for you, email us. 

All appointments are made through our scheduling platform. If you are going to share an assignment in advance (which we encourage), please do so via a Google Docs link in WCOnline. If you are writing in LaTeX or another non-transferable form, please email writingcenter@saintmarys.edu in advance so we can strategize a way to share the document, likely as a PDF. 

All in-person appointments take place in our Writing and Learning Center space or the Center for Academic Innovation Space next door, on the third floor of the Cushwa-Leighton Library. 

We value the integrity and privacy of your work. Therefore, we ask learners not to share documents or contact tutors directly. All communication with tutors must happen in person in the WLC, via the WCOnline platform, or via the writingcenter@saintmarys.edu email address. 

Additional services for faculty/staff 

  • Designated tutors: To the degree we are able, some tutors work as designated tutors for particular courses, consulting with the instructor and acting as the first point of contact with the students in that course. 
  • Workshops/Event Partnerships: We periodically offer workshops and host events independently and in collaboration with other centers and programs on campus. Past examples include celebrations for Grammar Week with the Writing Proficiency Program and Career Crossings Offices; a Write Here, Write Now event with the Library; and a virtual Write-In. 
  • Class visits and tours: The Director of the WLCr is available to visit classes and local groups for sessions on writing and pedagogy-related topics and to work with faculty on developing or revising new writing assignments. Please email jjuszkie@saintmarys.edu with any requests. 
  • Notification: Unless a student requests otherwise, an instructor will receive notification that their student has consulted us regarding an assignment for their course. If you do not receive such notification and a student has stated that they worked with us, please contact writingcenter@saintmarys.edu and we can check our records. 
  • Requiring class visits: Please do not require that your entire class work with the WLC on an assignment. If you would like to discuss why this is not advised, reach out to the director at jjuszkie@saintmarys.edu.