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Landscapes of the Spirit

<a data-cke-saved-href="/files/2017/05/courier-2017-spring.pdf" href="/files/2017/05/courier-2017-spring.pdf" onclick="javascript:ga('send', 'event', 'courier 2017', 'clicked', 'spring - download full pdf link'); target=" _blank"="">President Jan Cervelli continues her listening tour as she prepares for strategic planning with an initiative called Landscapes of the Spirit. The project brings alumnae voices together into a virtual community that answers the question:
How does a Catholic, Holy Cross education from Saint Mary's College form students as liberally educated women with keen self-knowledge, lively imagination, lifelong intellectual and cultural interests, and the ability to make socially responsible choices about the future?

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Raising Citizens of the World - Elizabeth Diehl Newcamp '04

Newcamp Family walking in Colorado

As seen on House Hunters International, Elizabeth Diehl Newcamp ’04 and her husband Jeff (ND ’04) relocated to Delft, Netherlands with their three boys. Newcamp blogs about the simple European lifestyle and their travel adventures from Estonia to Portugal. The couple is passionate about raising their children to be citizens of the world — inspired by her Saint Mary’s education, Newcamp says. Read the Newcamp's story or check out their travels on her Instagram account or blog, Dutch, Dutch, Goose.

Building Community Over Laughter

Associate professor of religious studies Anita Houck discusses her research into Christian theology and laughter. In the podcast, Daily Theology, Houck shares insight into laughter, humor, and how they relate to spirituality. She also discusses her own upbringing and the power of jokes.

2nd Patent for PADS Project

Professor of chemistry Toni Barstis and Mary Bevilacqua ’12 are inventors on a second PADS patent. Bevilacqua assisted Barstis in the research as an undergraduate chemistry major. She also majored in studio art and earned a degree in chemical engineering from ND in 2013 as part of the Dual Degree in Engineering Program. Bevilacqua believes chemistry is the most creative of the science – watch her story below.

Find out more about PADs research at Saint Mary's.

STEMming from Saint Mary's 

Alumnae Return for STEM DAY

Stephanie Pasas-Farmer ’96 and Madi Powell ’12 were two of 16 alumnae that returned to campus in late January to talk to STEM students about resumes, internships, and their career paths. Pasas-Farmer shares about how she’s taken what she’s learned at Saint Mary’s and applied that into her own bio-consulting firm. She’s passionate about women in STEM, mentoring students, and raising her children.

Check our Powell’s alumnae profile here.