Courier Summer 2016

Elise deSomer's fifteen conceptual scenes, part of her summer research project exploring object-oriented ontology.

In a library, a red teapot hangs in mid air, pouring tea in a tea cup.
A pile of clothes seen floating in mid air, next to a dresser with half open drawers.
A bed in a room with three open windows overlooking a body of water. The bed sheet is being pulled back, as if by an unseen hand.
A set of bellows, an ash shovel and a broom work by themselves in front of a lit fireplace
In a bathroom, toilet paper, makeup bottles, makeup brushes, toothbrushes and tooth paste tubes dance in the light from a window, while water from the faucet runs.
A desk at a set of windows. Note cards, envelopes, pens and a mug float above it.
A three season porch. White wicker furniture. Above the furniture a wineglass, a cocktail glass, and an open magazine float.
A sweater sits in a high backed chair, the floating knitting needles knit by unseen hands, and the yarn is lifted an held up as if on it's own
Fabric hangs mid air, pulling on clothes hangers with dresses on them
A pink strapless dress with a long train hangs mid air in front of an antique dressing table mirror. A perfume bottle also hangs mid air.
A table is set for dinner on a porch. The evening sky is seen in the background. A wine bottle is on the table. A glass is raised above one chair, and a fork above the other, as if held by unseen hands.
A book, open as if being read by an unseen person, sits on a bed with lush pillows and duvet in deep blues and golds.
A typewriter sits on a desk with blank sheets of paper floating above it.
A sewing machine sits on desk in front of a window. In the machine is a gold dress. The left side of the dress is being held off the ground by an unseen hand. A pair of scissors, open floats above the sewing machine.
A computer monitor sits on a desk. A pop can floats in front of it. On the screen is the scene, seen being worked on in photoshop.