Gallery: Dr. Patricia Sayre – On Pilgramage

Courier Summer 2016

Philosophy professor Patricia Sayre ’16 earned her bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in May 2016. Her senior show, “On Pilgrimage”, was comprised of double portraits — one figurative and one metaphorical — of art faculty who served as trustworthy guides in her 12-year pilgrimage to earn the degree. Sayre divided the nine professors into three groups — “Foundations”, “The Heart of the Matter”, and “Fresh Presence”.


“Foundations” refers to those professors who taught Sayre her foundational art courses.

pencil drawing: portrait of Julie
Julie as metaphor - red yarn on ceramic floor

Julie Tourtillotte, professor of art

Sandi Ginter, assistant professor of art

Krista Hoefle, associate professor of art

The Heart of the Matter

A tribute to professors whose teaching proved to be the most influential to Sayre at critical moments in her pilgrimage. 

Marcia Rickard, professor emerita of art

Billy, professor emeritus of art

Doug Tyler, professor of art

Fresh Presence

“Fresh Presence” acknowledges the enthusiasm of young art faculty.

Ian Weaver, assistant professor of art

Tiffany Johnson-Bidler, assistant professor of art

John Keedy, visiting faculty