Department of Modern Languages

Click on the attachment below to download the Tutoring Schedule   The Department of Modern Languages at Saint Mary's College offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish language, literature, and culture. The programs in French, Italian, and Spanish include courses which range from introductory  to advanced language courses for those students pursuing a minor or a major in one of those languages, along with the opportunity to study abroad in countries where those languages are spoken. Course offerings in German include introductory and intermediate courses. The German program is enhanced by the opportunity to study abroad in Innsbruck, Austria and to complete requirements for a minor or a major at the University of Notre Dame.The Department offers introductory Chinese and Arabic. The College offers opportunities for studying abroad in China and Morocco/Egypt. The Department of Modern Languages believes that studying other languages, literatures, and cultures is an inseparable component of higher education. Beyond personal enrichment, the ability to speak another language and to understand another culture, is a distinctive asset in careers such as education, nursing, social work, medicine, law, and business.

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