How to Apply for Loans

Types of Loans - Click on a loan type for application instructions

Federal Direct Student Loans
The Federal Stafford Loan is a low interest student loan available to students enrolled at least half time.

Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans
The Federal Parent PLUS loan is for parents of dependent students. The PLUS Loan requires a credit check. If a parent is denied a PLUS Loan, the student may be eligible for additional unsubsidized Stafford Loan funds.
Federal Perkins Loans
The Federal Perkins Loan is a need-based loan awarded by Saint Mary's College to students with extreme financial need. Note that funding for this program is very limited.
Private/Alternative Loans
Alternative (or "private") student loans are educational loans that are not secured or guaranteed by the federal government. Alternative loans require a credit check, and interest rates and repayment terms are generally more unfavorable than the interest rates and repayment terms in the federal loan programs.

To Apply for a Federal Perkins Loans

If you were awarded a Perkins Loan as part of your financial aid package you will be required to:

  1. Complete a Statement of Rights and Responsibilities - this form will be mailed to you with your final financial aid award letter.
  2. Complete a Perkins Master Promissory Note (MPN) - when you arrive on campus for the start of the fall semester please see Mr. Randy Tafelski in 150 Le Mans Hall in order to complete your MPN.