Student Employment

Basic Eligibility
Federal Work-Study Community Service
Payroll Documents

Basic Eligibility

Student Employment Policies

  • Students awarded Federal Work Studyare given priority in hiring until Labor Day.  After Labor Day, any student, even those without Federal Work Study, can apply for any job.
  • To find out if Federal Work Study is part of your aid package, either refer to your financial aid award letter or log on to PRISM to view your financial aid awards.
  • The most popular student job openings are usually filled first.  To have the best choice of available positions and work hours, students should begin their campus job search early, beginning around August 1.  Do not wait until you arrive on campus to begin your job search!
  • Work award amounts are determined based on demonstrated financial need and will vary.
  • The hours per week needed to earn the full award amount will depend on the pay rate of the particular job.
  • A work award is not necessarily a guarantee of work earnings.
  • Students may work more than one on-campus job. However, they may only work one job at a given time (i.e., you may not grade papers while working at the hall desk and expect to receive two pay rates for doing both jobs).  Additionally, students are not to exceed 20 hours of work per week.
  • All students are responsible for securing their own campus jobs. To find a job, follow the steps below.

Finding a Job

To begin working on campus, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Search Job Listings for employment opportunities.
  2. For positions you are interested in, contact the supervisor to inquire about the position and the hiring process for that position.
  3. Complete all Student Employment Payroll Documents found here.

Note: The I-9 and W-4 Forms are required for new employees only; you do not have to reapply each year.  The I-9 documents must be accompanied with original documents. Photocopies will not longer be accepted. If you have a previous Deposit Agreement on file, it remains valid, unless you want to change how your pay is applied.


Students working on campus must submit time cards according to the
Pay Schedule to ensure timely payment.

Resident Advisor Positions

Resident Advisors are selected by the Residence Life Office through an application and interview process. Any upperclass student may apply.

Resident Advisors receive a room remission and a monthly stipend for their services.

Federal Work-Study Community Service

Saint Mary's College students participate in the Federal Work-Study Community Service program with the outside agencies described below. There are various paid opportunities for any student who has a need-based work award.

  • College Academy of Tutoring (CAT) Program: Math/reading tutors are needed for various ages and skill levels at designated community organizations (transportation provided). Tutors will identify skills needed for specific children in the areas of English, Reading and Mathematics and work with the children individually toward improvement in the area(s) of concern.
  • Community Outreach of Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center needs students to assist with outreach services to the community including blood pressures, blood sugars, and the flu shot program. Clerical help is also desired.
  • Students are needed at St. Margaret's House to assist in the teaching of basic computer skills to the women and children who visit this local day-center. Also needed is general assistance for the day-to-day operation of this center.

Interested students with need-based work awards should complete an application available in the Office of Civic and Social Engagement, 220 Student Center. *You must complete a new application annually, even if you are returning to the same position.

Per Federal regulations, students who do not have need-based work awards cannot be employed through the Federal Work-Study Community Service program.

Payroll Documents

  • Students must complete certain documents to work on-campus at Saint Mary's College. The complete list of required forms can be found here.
  • Complete and return ALL payroll documents to the Payroll Office (150 Le Mans Hall).
  • For new employees completing the I-9 form, you are required to produce original documents (not photocopies) for identification at the time of submission. See page 10 of the Student Employement Payroll Documents PDF for a complete listing of acceptable documentation. You have three days from your start date to complete this. If you fail to do so, you will NOT be able to work.
  • If these documents are not turned in or are incomplete, the Payroll Office will not be able to process your time card; thus, you would not be paid.
  • For specific questions regarding these forms, please contact the Payroll Office at 574-284-4733

For questions regarding Saint Mary's Student Employment Program, please email