Estimated Cost to Attend

The Financial Aid Office estimates a standard cost of attendance (or budget) for all students based on their living arrangements (on-campus versus off-campus) and other factors such as whether the student is enrolled fulltime, if she is on a study abroad program, etc. The total cost of attendance for a student is the maximum amount of aid she may receive for the aid period.

Cost of attendance budgets include both the amounts for which the College will bill a student (direct costs) and also other expenses students typically have but which they will never pay to Saint Mary’s (indirect costs). For example, direct costs include tuition, fees and if the student lives on campus, room and meals. Indirect costs include costs for personal expenses, travel expenses, books and supplies, and for students living off campus an estimate of room and meal expenses. 

Below are examples of a few types of budgets, shown for dependent students enrolled FULL TIME for the 2020-21 full academic year (fall and spring semesters). The Tuition & Fees portion is based on full-time enrollment, each semester (12-18 credits per semester).

Students can view their specific budgets in PRISM.

On Campus Off Campus (renting) Off Campus (with parents)
Tuition                            45,720 Tuition                           45,720 Tuition                            45,720
Room & Board               13,470 Room & Board                 8,850 Room & Board                 1.050
Books & Supplies*           1,100 Books & Supplies*           1,100 Books & Supplies*           1,100
Personal expenses**       1,250 Personal expenses**       1,400 Personal expenses**       1,300
Transportation***                550 Transportation***              1,000 Transportation***                500
Loan fees                              71 Loan fees                              71 Loan fees                              71
TOTAL 62,161
TOTAL 58,141
TOTAL 49,741


* These are estimates.

** The allowance for personal expenses is intended to reflect a modest but adequate standard of living. While actual costs will vary based on student lifestyles and personal choice, eligibility for financial aid is based on the standards amounts in each student’s cost of attendance.

*** The transportation allowance for students on-campus and off-campus (renting) reflects the estimated costs for a student to travel from her home to Saint Mary’s a specified number of times each year. Students who live farther away from campus will have higher transportation allowances. The transportation allowance for students living off-campus (with parents) reflects the estimated cost for a student to travel from her home to Saint Mary’s a specified number of times each week.