SMC/ND Co-Exchange Program

Saint Mary's students may take classes at the University of Notre Dame through the SMC/ND Co-Exchange Program. The instructions, procedures and guidelines are described below.

Instructions—Submit On-line Co-Exchange Form to Request a ND Registration Time

  • Saint Mary's students who plan to take a course at ND must submit a SMC at ND Co-Exchange Form (below) before leaving for Fall/Spring break to receive a priority registration time to register for a class during pre-registration.
  • Students who do not submit forms by this deadline may submit a form later, but must wait until the first day of classes to register for a course at Notre Dame
  • You must submit a form EVERY SEMESTER you plan to take a course, even if you are currently taking a course at ND.  If you are not sure whether you will take a class, you should still submit the form—there is no penalty if you do not take a class.
  • ROTC and BAND students: You MUST register for ROTC and Band (this is not taken care of for you by ROTC or the Band instructor), so be sure to complete the SMC at ND Form in advance.
  • See Registration Instructions below.

SMC at ND Co-Exchange Form 

  • Complete this form before leaving for Fall or Spring break to receive a priority time to register for a course at Notre Dame.

Registration Instructions—SMC at ND

ND at SMC Co-Exchange Form

  • Notre Dame students use this form only during "pre"registration for the upcoming term. ND students must obtain the approval/signature of the SMC instructor on the ND Add form to add classes for the upcoming semester.  Return the add form to the ND Office of the Registrar.



The following guidelines will apply for all Saint Mary's students participating in the Co-Exchange Program.

  • A student taking a course through the Co-Exchange program shall adhere to and be subject to the University of Notre Dame Academic Code of Honor or Academic Honesty Policy as it applies to that course.

  • All Notre Dame courses are eligible in the Co-Exchange Program.

  • All Sophia Program requirements must be completed on the SMC campus.

  • SMC students who register for courses at Notre Dame are governed by the drop and withdrawal deadline dates at Saint Mary's.

  • Students wishing to drop an ND course during the first week of class should do so through insideND. Students wishing to drop an ND course after the first week must use an ND academic course change form available in the SMC Registrar's Office (161 Le Mans Hall).

  • Department major requirements must be fulfilled at SMC. However, Notre Dame courses may be chosen from any subject area, including the student's major field with approval from the Department Chair. In the latter case, it is understood that the course will count as an elective .

  • No charge will be assessed for musical organizations such as marching band, concert band, orchestra, glee clubs, and madrigal singers.

  • Only full-time students are eligible for participation in this program.

  • Students may elect one Notre Dame course per semester. Seniors may elect two Notre Dame courses per semester. Students enrolled in the Dual Degree engineering program are an exception.

  • The student's advisor must approve any Notre Dame course.



Updated 3/19/14