Per NCAA Division III regulations, students who intend on playing varsity sports at Saint Mary’s are precluded from receiving any scholarships based on athletic participation, ability or leadership in any sport which is also an NCAA sport. Varsity athletes should check with the Financial Aid Office regarding any outside scholarships or awards to ensure the terms of the scholarship will not interfere with the student’s ability to participate in varsity athletics.

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Important notes: Outside scholarships can be very helpful, and we encourage students to pursue any opportunities available. However, please be careful, because some scholarship scams do exist. You should not have to pay an up front fee to apply for scholarship funding.

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The information provided here is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please be cautious regarding your personal information. You may want to set up a separate "scholarship reply " e-mail address to avoid spam going to your main e-mail address.

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Other Helpful Sources for Scholarships:

  • High school guidance counselors
  • Parent's employer or labor union
  • Community organizations (4-H, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
  • Your church or local library
  • The Career Crossing Office at Saint Mary's College provides a list of other scholarships and fellowships, many of which are for graduate study.  Note that some of these awards require a nomination from Saint Mary's College.

For additional information regarding outside scholarships, please review the scholarship board in our office (141 Le Mans), which is updated as new opportunities arise. Application and deadline info is posted where relevant, and scholarships are sorted by course of study.