Need-Based Named Scholarships and Awards

These scholarships are awarded by the Office of Financial Aid in accordance with the specific requirements of the scholarship donors, they are generally restricted to tuition only and are available for a maximum of eight semesters (fall and spring).

Funding is renewed for upper class students who:

  • continue to demonstrate financial need per their annual financial aid applications AND
  • continue to meet any restricted criteria specified by the donor (e.g., pursue a certain major, reside in a specific geographic area, etc.).

Mother Pauline and Spes Unica Awards

The Mother Pauline and Spes Unica Awards are based on a combination of merit and need. Similar to our academic merit scholarships, they are renewable and you can receive them for a total of eight semesters (fall and spring). The criteria for renewal include that you maintain full-time enrollment and remain in good academic standing.