Saint Mary's College tuition fulfillment for students using the ND Dependent Tuition Remission

Saint Mary’s provides the following additional benefit for female dependents of Notre Dame faculty and staff who are eligible for Notre Dame’s Dependent Tuition Remission benefit:

Full-time students at Saint Mary's utilizing the Notre Dame Dependent Tuition Remission benefit will be awarded an additional financial aid package from Saint Mary’s that allows ND dependents to attend Saint Mary’s College tuition-free.

This means even those who are eligible for less than 100 percent of the Notre Dame Dependent Tuition Remission will receive a financial aid package from Saint Mary’s College that covers any gap in the full-time tuition cost for each fall and spring semester. 

This benefit does not cover other costs, such as room and board, books, travel, or fees specific to a course, event, or program. However, students may qualify for other sources of financial aid to cover these additional charges.

In order to cover the full cost of tuition, financial aid packages may include Indiana, federal, and/or institutional aid for which the student is eligible. Saint Mary’s will ensure that each student’s aid package is optimally awarded so that any remaining tuition is covered after the Notre Dame Dependent Tuition Remission benefit is applied. For maximum need-based financial aid consideration, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should be submitted to Saint Mary’s College.

Notre Dame employees should contact Notre Dame's Human Resources office to inquire about eligibility for the Notre Dame Dependent Tuition Remission benefit for their dependents. Additional questions about this policy can be directed to the Saint Mary’s College Office of Financial Aid.


This policy will be applied to students enrolling academic year 2022-2023 and will be applied retroactively to ensure that current Saint Mary’s students who are eligible dependents of Notre Dame employees will be covered.