Department of Chemistry and Physics

Department of Chemistry and Physics

In the Department of Chemistry and Physics, we offer research opportunities, direct experience with chemical instrumentation, and mentorships with faculty. Courses of study are designed to accommodate individual interests and career goals. As an American Chemical Society (ACS) approved school, our program meets the high expectations and rigorous requirements set by the national chemistry organization.


We offer a Bachelor of Science in chemistry or physics. As an ACS-approved school, you can earn an ACS-certified BS in chemistry, which involves extended coursework for students intending to pursue graduate study. Majors in chemistry and physics also allow students to participate in the Dual-Degree Engineering Program.


The faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Physics is comprised of accomplished experts and scholars who match their passion for chemistry with a dedication to teaching and mentoring. Their areas of interest and research include in paper analytical devices for detecting counterfeit drugs, solar energy via nanostructures, computer modeling, theoretical nuclear physics, phosphate availability in soils, transition metals in age-related disease, and ATRA reactions.


Chemistry majors enjoy the use of two physics teaching labs, five chemistry teaching labs, and a two-section instrument room. Science Hall also offers enhanced laboratory spaces and support collaborative work within chemistry while linking chemistry to biology and physics. Our instrument holdings are better than those typically available for undergraduate use even at major universities, and our students have hands-on experience with those instruments.

You’ll find our chemistry and physics alumnae achieving great things all over the country, and as part of the Saint Mary’s sisterhood, they serve as valuable professional connections. Our graduates have pursued advanced degrees at MIT, the University of Michigan, Ohio State, Northwestern, University of California, and the University of Notre Dame. With a degree in chemistry, you’ll be well prepared for graduate school, as well as a diverse range of careers.